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Urgent Interventions

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Home Emergency insurance

You never know when something in your home will break down, but with a home emergency service, you can always have a professional and reliable repairman on call. Home Emergency Insurance protects you and your household from material losses in the event of unforeseen events such as water leaks, electrical installation failures, various mechanical failures, etc. This insurance eliminates the stress of finding a repairman and covers the costs of their arrival and work 24/7. Additionally, it includes covering the costs of temporary accommodation for household members if staying in the home is not possible.

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With an emergency intervention policy, you secure a whole team of repairmen with one move!

Home Emergency Insurance offers you: the ability to ensure the arrival of reliable and professional repairmen in the shortest possible time with a phone call, to receive useful instructions on what to do until the repairman arrives, to reimburse the costs of the repairman’s work, and to have such assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Be prepared in advance if you urgently need:


Glass replacement in case of breakage on exterior doors and windows
Carpentry work in case of damage to exterior doors and windows
Roofing work in case of damage to the roof covering and/or gutters
Repairs of installations due to bursting water, sewage, and/or central heating pipes
Repairs of electrical installations due to lightning strikes, power surges, or short circuits
Lock repair or door opening due to lock blockage, key loss, or breakage
Cleaning services in case of flooding or the intrusion of rain, soil, or wastewater into your premises.
Hitne intervencije

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Home emergency
useful advice and FAQ

What can emergency interventions cover?

Emergency interventions in the household, covered by most insurance companies, include:

  • Providing advice, information, instructions, and various types of repairs. Most insurance companies cover the following services with these interventions: covering the labor costs of professionals (plumbers, carpenters, glaziers, electricians, locksmiths), emergency repair services for central or floor heating installations, cleaning in case of water leakage from installations, flooding, intrusion of atmospheric, wastewater, and sewage water into the house or apartment.
  • Consumable materials necessary for providing emergency interventions.
  • Covering the costs of temporary accommodation for household members and transportation costs to temporary accommodation when it is not possible to stay in the household where the insured event occurred.
How many insured events can occur during the one-year duration of the policy?

Depending on the terms of the selected insurance company, the number of insured events that you can utilize during one year by arranging a home emergency insurance policy will vary.


Does the person arranging the insurance need to have residence at the same address?

The contractor for emergency interventions can be any person, while the user of emergency intervention services must be the owner of the apartment.

Is there a limit to the number of people who receive temporary accommodation in case of home destruction?

The right to temporary accommodation, in case it is not possible to stay in the property where the insured event occurred, belongs to persons who have registered residence at the address of the property. Depending on the insurance company, the limits for temporary accommodation and transportation of household members may vary, so it is necessary to check them before arranging the policy.

Is there a deductible, and what does it depend on?

Emergency intervention packages generally do not have a deductible. However, coverage conditions vary with each insurance company. Depending on the malfunction that occurred, the damage it caused, and the selected coverage on the insurance policy, if the costs of the emergency intervention in the property exceed the agreed insurance amounts, this cost difference will be charged to the insured.

When is the Emergency Interventions Insurance Agreement concluded?

When purchasing emergency intervention insurance online, the Insurance Agreement is concluded by paying the premium according to the insurer’s instructions. The Insurance Agreement begins to be valid at midnight on the day the contractor specified as the start date of the insurance, provided that the premium payment is recorded in the insurer’s account by that time.