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House and apartment insurance

Home insurance is a type of insurance that protects you and your family from material losses in case of unforeseen events, such as fire, flood, earthquake, theft, and similar incidents. Property insurance can cover the costs of repairing and/or replacing damaged or stolen property, as well as the costs of temporary accommodation and other expenses incurred in the event of an unforeseen incident.
Home insurance protects your home and its contents.

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Why do you need property insurance?

Property insurance offers peace of mind if any damage occurs in your home due to fire, flood, earthquake, etc. The insurance policy will cover all costs incurred due to such disasters.

By comparing policy offers, we help you make the best choice. Home insurance generally covers the following risks:

Fire, lightning strike, or explosion
Water leakage from installations
Theft and robbery
Damage caused to third parties
Floods and landslides
Storms, snow, and hail
Glass and installations breakage
home insurance

Compare home insurance offers

Apartment insurance, house insurance - find the best offer to fit your needs.

What to pay attention to when purchasing insurance?

When purchasing home insurance, whether it is for an apartment or a house, it is important to pay attention to the following:


Compare home insurance offers

Apartment insurance, house insurance - find the best offer to fit your needs.

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Home Insurance
useful tips and FAQ

What types of properties can be insured?

Objects of home insurance can be properties (mainly houses and apartments) that are permanently inhabited (rarely, with some insurance companies, also uninhabited), including built-in installations and equipment. For a property to be considered “permanently inhabited,” there is a required number of days per year that the property must be inhabited in total (usually 9 months) or a maximum continuous period of uninhabited days (usually 60 days), as defined by the terms of each insurance company.

Home insurance can also cover household items. If specifically agreed upon, the insurance can also cover auxiliary buildings and items within them, common parts of buildings, art objects, and sanitary fixtures.

What risks are covered by home insurance, and what additional coverage can be arranged?

The most common risks included in standard packages offered by insurance companies, from which you can insure your home, are: fire, lightning strike, storm, hail, aircraft impact/fall, water leakage from installations, glass breakage on windows and doors of the residential property, burglary and robbery, and liability from owning a house or apartment for damages to third parties.

Additional risks that you can arrange with most insurance companies are: events and demonstrations, floods and torrents, landslides, rock falls and soil sliding, breakage of built-in installations and equipment due to the effects of electricity, construction errors, material and workmanship defects, failure of control devices, breakage of water and sewage pipes and hot water or steam heating installations (water, sewage, heating installations within the insured property), explosions, snow avalanches, precipitation (rain, snow), earthquakes, as well as costs of emergency accommodation.

What are the common additional packages that can be arranged with home insurance?

Additional types of insurance and packages that can be arranged with the home insurance package, depending on the offer of the selected insurance company, may include:

  • Emergency interventions in the household
  • General liability insurance towards third parties
  • Accident insurance (for household members registered at the address of the insured property).
What factors determine the price of a home insurance policy?

The price of home insurance, according to the terms of insurance companies, can depend on the following factors:

  • Type of construction (mixed/massive)
  • Occupancy status of the property (occupied/unoccupied)
  • Size of the apartment/house
  • Estimated value of household items
  • Additional risks you agree upon.

Some insurance companies offer benefits in the form of discounts for arranging a multi-year home insurance policy or for full payment, which we advise you to discuss directly with the insurance company whose offer you choose.

What is commonly insured in Serbia versus worldwide (in terms of properties, additional items, risks)?

There is a significant similarity between the most commonly insured properties, additional items, and risks in Serbia and around the world. The biggest differences are reflected in the additional risks that are agreed upon, depending on the area where the insured properties are located.

What are the most prevalent risks in practice for home insurance?

In home insurance, the most common risks that occur are water leakage from installations, damage from storms and hail, fire, and burglary.