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Who Are We?
We are an online service that compares insurance policy prices from leading insurance companies - for travel health insurance, property insurance, roadside assistance, and emergency home intervention insurance, so you don't have to go from place to place. Once offers are displayed to you, you can compare insurance prices and choose the one that suits you best. Purchasing an insurance policy on our website is simple, fast, and available anywhere, anytime. If, for example, you are wondering which is the cheapest and best travel insurance for travel in Serbia and abroad, you are in the right place!

100 percent independent

Online Insurance – We are a 100 percent independent online service for purchasing insurance. Our goal is to compare insurance prices from different insurance companies for you.

All offers we show you can be filtered by price, insurance sum, coverage scope, and other criteria, allowing you to choose what suits you best.

Free Service

Our service includes comparing insurance offers at no cost to the user or policyholder.

clockwiseclockwiseTime Savings

PolicyMarket allows you to get an overview of all offers in one place, in just a few seconds.

Simple Purchase

Purchasing insurance is done directly through the payment services of insurance companies, in just a few steps.

Quick Price Comparison

The PolicyMarket platform finds all online insurance offers based on your inquiry and allows you to easily compare terms and prices.

money-savingmoney-savingMoney Savings

From all the offers, choose the most affordable insurance offer according to your needs.

Advice and Support

For any uncertainties or questions, the PolicyMarket team is here to help you take advantage of the best online insurance offers.

Save money

We will provide you with the best offer on the market. We will compare offers from all relevant insurance companies in Serbia, and you will save money by choosing the best insurance according to your needs.

Check out our insurance calculators.

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Buy an insurance policy in just a few clicks:

We cooperate with all relevant insurance companies in Serbia, so you can be sure that you will find the best insurance offers you are looking for on our service.

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